About us - Why do We Exist?

Founded in 2019, we are building a community of artists, graphic designers and illustrators in a mission to take Latin American Art to every corner of the world. As two young guys from Colombia we are aligning our roads to dream big, to stay thirsty and humble in this pursuit of realization not by the means of the money but with the hope to find ourselves in the way...

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the "Status quo", we encourage people to be the connective tissue between their emotions and the perception they have of themselves and what surrounds them. Our creative proposal is based on divergent thinking, the defense of identities and the differences and similarities of individuals and social groups. In Find Art Co., we believe that necessities and desires, aligned with a philosophy that promotes rational activation, constructive criticism and the questioning of retrograde or obsolete ideals, are the basis for spiritual growth and the development of societies.

We share our preferences, tastes and idiosyncrasies through our clothes and attitudes, and we hope that our creative energy will inspire, in those who surround us, the desire to be different.

Our marketing strategies are focused on the constant search for freedom and we trust, people visit the Find Art Co. online store, because they have understood that their beauty is just the reflection of what they are, what they feel, what they do, and the good vibes they share with the world.

Our unique printed designs evoke the modern culture not limited by scenarios, tendencies or conventional practices. Inspired by wildlife, flora, tattoo art, sports passion, typography shapes, space deepness, extraterrestrial mysterious life and the abstract and surreal perception of ourselves and our incredible blue planet, we create genuine artistic clothing, accessories and home products that give value to our actions, passions and ways of seeing life.

In Find Art Co., we focus on design as a fundamental element of differentiation and generation of value for the individuals and the society.

We support Latin American artists to reach the world. Let's create together!  

With gratitude,
Steven & Alejandro.

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