What is freedom? - An Introspective Discussion

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What is freedom? - An Introspective Discussion

Where is freedom born? How does it develop and what moment it dies? Is it eternal, timeless, immutable? Or is it fixed, finite and measurable? Is it the result of a lived experience? Or is it a lesson that we still have to learn?...

Many questions without a simple and clear answer because as complex as man, is freedom.

Countless are the conflicts in the history of humanity that allow us to approach it's true meaning.  The good intentions badly put into practice, the economic and strategic interests confronted with the awareness of what is right and just and in many situations, the duality of morality that on the one hand defends the rights of equality, dignity and recognition and on the other favors social and industrial orders that only enrich a few, confer us a vague understanding of the natural conflict that freedom evokes. Without limits and borders freedom is a state of consciousness, an intangible that we have conditioned with laws and rules to introduce order in our societies.  As fertile land conceived purely, it is an instinct of nature that we have corrupted by chance of the ego and our own humanity.

I like to believe that freedom is like trees, like the earth.  With the feet firmly anchored to the subsoil, giving support to an erect and robust trunk that, in an abrupt act, diverges in an endless number of ramifications and incessant dreams in constant growth -victim of its own desire for freedom-.  A freedom that was not restricted to scenarios and converted into laws in some kind of state or government document.  A freedom shared with the birds and the insects, with the sun and the rain, with the stars and the man.

Thus the life of the free tree that vacates bodies and minds, frees its load through its fruits and sows seeds in inert soils.  Thus the freedom in the shape of a floating seed, through the breeze, through the seas, travels tirelessly and crosses frontiers that the mind of man imposes categorically.

As the seed of the tree is the newborn life, as its trunk the sensible and ordered ideas, as its branches the multiplicity of good intentions and the chaos of our environment, and finally, as its fruits, is the perfect manifestation of the coherence between what we think, what we feel and what we do with our lives, with our little seeds of freedom.

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