The Best Way to Clean your Caps

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The Best Way to Clean your Caps

Every once in a while after some time of using our beloved caps, the dust, sweat, hair and even some birds sh#t makes absolutely necessary to give a wash to our caps.  We usually panic cause we do not want to damage, discolor or change its shape in the cleaning process.

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So, how can you give a second life to your goods in an easy, simple way? Well, keep reading this post and we will give you some useful tips:

*Tip number one: Do not put your cap into the laundry.  This is especially true if you washing machine has the center agitator (you know, that big central stick). The movement of the center column can be very rough on your cap making it to lose its shape or even breaking the cardboard brim on vintage caps.  It is not recommended to fully submerge the brim of your cap if it isn’t made of plastic.  Laundry machines doesn’t allow to spot clean the problematic areas. So our recommendation is to take the laundry machine out of the equation.

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*Tip number two: Submerge, submerge, submerge.  The easiest way to clean your cap is to submerge it in a clean sink filled with water.  Just add a tablespoon of a mild laundry detergent or OxiClean and dunk your cap into it (again just caps with plastic brims), give it a quick shake to make some bubbles and let it rest for at least 1 hour.

Then, remove the cap from the sink and rinse it thoroughly with cool water. Repeat the process if necessary. To dry it off, put it in a well ventilated area or use a hair blower/electric fan to accelerate the process.  Do not use the blow drier in the hot setting cause heat may cause your cap to shrink. Also do not place your cap near direct sunlight, which may cause your cap's design to fade.


We do not recommend to put your cap in the dryer because the heat and tumbling action can distort its shape.

*Tip number three: Spot clean, then submerge (or vice versa). When your cap needs a deep cleaning process this is the best way to go. To do this, take a soft toothbrush and use a dab of cleaning product right on to the cap to gently scrub the dirty area. Make sure you damp the toothbrush in water first.  After rubbing the cleanser over the area, submerge the cap in a clean sink filled with fresh water and a tablespoon of oxiclean for a at least 1 hour. Remember to avoid a fully submersion if your cap has a cardboard trim.  Repeat the process if necessary.

This process also works in the opposite direction. To do this, first submerge the cap and then, use the toothbrush to reinforce the cleaning in the areas that still shows signs of dirt.  Submerge again and let it rest for 30 minutes. To finish the cleaning, take the cap out of the sink and wash it with clean water to remove the oxiclean/dirt mixture.

*Tip number four: Sometimes your cap just requires a very localized cleaning action. In this case, we recommend to spot clean your cap with a wet toothbrush and a drop of your prefered cleaning product (shampoo usually works great).


First, rub the dirty area for 5 minutes with the toothbrush, then remove the detergent by rubbing the treated area with a wet cloth.  Make sure to remove all the cleanser repeating the rubbing process with the wet cloth as many times as needed.

There you go, try one of these tips to give a second life to your caps collection.

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