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cap, washing -

Every once in a while after some time of using our beloved caps, the dust, sweat, hair and even some birds sh#t makes absolutely necessary to give a wash to our caps. We usually panic cause we do not want to damage, discolor or change its shape in the cleaning process. So, how can you give a second life to your goods?

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Comfort, Cotton, Fabric, Quality, Softness, T-Shirt, Tee -

As you may discovered while hanging around in our website, in Find Art Co. we offer three primary fabric quality variations of T-shirts. In this post, we are going to describe to you the features of each one and the main differences between them so you can choose the product that best meets your expectations.

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One tree planted, Reforestation -

You can help us reforest the planet. Yes, you! Every individual contribution makes an impact. 

Spread the word about why trees are so important. They clean the air we breathe and the water we drink, stabilize our climate, protect biodiversity, and provide sustainable business for communities around the world.

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Art, Clothing, Cotton, Direct to Garment, DTG, Ink, Printer -

In this article we present the basics of the processes we use to give to you the best quality on your tees, hoodies, tank tops, crop tops and the full variety of the products that we offer in our store. This is top notch tech used in order to help you (and ourselves) to express emotions, desires, passions, beliefs, ideals, and truly own and explore your identity.

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Duality, Freedom, Life, Seeds -

In this blog post we share our beliefs about the concept of freedom, what it means and how it relates with mankind and nature.

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